a new look . . . [Picturesque news]

Hello friends . . . as some of you may have noticed, Picturesque has a bit of a new look these days! Here on the blog and the website too :)


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Building a business and a brand is much like growing older and growing into your own personal style. It can also be said that if you’re not going forward you’re going backward . . . hence I always think improvements & updates are a good idea. Keeping things FRESH is a must (plus I just can’t help myself ;)

So, as I continue to grow in my photography style, and recently reached a milestone birthday (turning the big 3-0 this past weekend, yikes), I decided to update my branding, logo and websites to match. Hope you enjoy the new look!

Always keeping it light & bright, I am hoping the fresh look comes across as modern, fun, soft and natural with a little bit of boho uniqueness :)

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