cheers to a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I sure hope you all had a lovely holiday season and were able to spend lots of time with those that you love!

cheers to the new year

hello 2014

Like many of you, a new year makes me reflect on the last year and start looking ahead and planning for the new one (probably more of the latter ;) I am a bit of a planner you could say, and really enjoy “projects” – so far it’s looking like 2014 will be full of them!

Starting with some business updates, refreshing and planning for 2015 couples, as the change in calendar year also encourages me to look towards the next, next wedding season. A BIG congratulations to all those who became engaged over the holidays! I often think I enjoy the ‘business’ side of this business just as much as creating photographs, and have some exciting news for those planning a 2015 wedding as well as a chance for all the super wonderful couples I’ll be photographing THIS year to join in. Announcement coming soon . . . ;)

Speaking of . . . I am SO looking forward to this upcoming wedding season! Very excited to be working with many GREAT couples this year to document their day and so very thankful to already have my 2014 calendar full, with only a couple dates still available.

And on a personal note . . . it is looking promising that we will be closing on a new house in February, which is literally FULL of projects that we will (hopefully ;) be completing! Might even have to document a few and share here on the blog . . . perhaps depending on how they go :)

Ringing in a new year seems to renew that drive to be the best you, to evolve and grow. Although I am not usually one for resolutions, I do like a good to-do list . . . however, even that will have to wait a month or so as I finish up this beautiful 2013 wedding season with one more winter wedding to photograph tomorrow and a couple pretty Christmas weddings to edit and share still!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014! What will you be up to or doing differently this year? Would love to hear from you below!

Picturesque new year update

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