life . . . [european tour: lisbon]

Let the blogging spree begin . . . first with an overload of photographs from my vacation followed by all the upcoming Spring photo sessions that are filling up my calendar ;) Life is good.

So, it looks like I am going to be sharing WAY too many photographs from our vacation to Europe. Who can resist with all the beautiful scenery and lovely architecture?? . . I sure couldn't and took quite a few photographs.

Especially during our first stop in Lisbon, Portugal where the views were AMAZING! I had heard that Lisbon is one the most photogenic places in Europe, and I would now have to agree after visiting. It is also a sister city to San Francisco and the similarities are evident: built on multiple hills, full of color, vintage trolleys and views of the bay/ocean with a mini Golden Gate bridge. Lisbon was also the oldest city we visited, filled with multicolored tiles and hand laid mosaic sidewalks. Just beautiful. Hope you enjoy the many colorful images below :)

first discovery after locating our hotel . . . sidewalk kiosks! Sprinkled all around town, they were a great place for a break to enjoy some beer, a cafe, snack, live music and even a soccer game on a big screen outdoors. I loved them.

high town views from the Bairro Alto neighborhood! notice the castle in the background ;)

Praca do Comercio - the waterfront trade square where ships used to dock & sell their goods. Now just a HUGE beautiful public square.

Pedestrian boulevards = excellent idea. Gorgeous tiled buildings . . .

Ginjinha: Lisbon's favorite drink/shot . . . not mine, but maybe Matt's ;)

views from the other side of town, at the Sao Jorge Castle . . . I could look at these lovely tiled roofs forever!

A castle!! built by the Moors in the 11th century, now you can climb on it for the best views!

strolling the Alfama neighborhood, the colorful sailors quarter that dates back to the sixth century. Felt like you were worlds away . . . I LOVED this area!

Belem district - just 3 miles outside of downtown Lisbon was full of grand buildings from the Age of Discovery. Including the Monastery of Jeronimos with lots of wow factor (watching everyone's face as they entered was quite entertaining) and the Belem Tower to welcome Lisbon's explorers home.

A delicious pizza with a bottle of wine for lunch . . . with this view! Not a bad day.