life . . . [european tour: paris]

Might as well continue on with the over-sharing of vacation photographs with a LOT of images from Paris! The city of light and what seems to be the “fan favorite” of Europe, was to me EXACTLY how you imagine it.

Filled with the world’s most famous museums & sights, stylish Parisians, delicious food & bakeries, lots of tourists and endless fabulous neighborhoods. We stayed on the Left Bank in the Latin Quarter near St. Germain as well. It was perfect for wandering around and enjoying more of a “neighborhood” including a delicious (and I mean DELICIOUS ;) corner bakery! We arrived in the early morning on our overnight train for Barcelona, took a few moments to navigate the Metro and stumbled upon Notre Dame to begin our own little historic tour of Paris!

notre dame - paris francelove lock bridge paris france

the oldest tree in Paris near St. Michel [the core of the left bank] and an original Art Nouveau metro stop

Arriving at the Louvre, Europe's oldest, biggest and greatest museum. Accentuated by a 20th century glass pyramid.

the louvre - paris francethe louvrethe mona lisa

My hubby enjoying the art while carrying my camera bag . . . what a nice guy!

The Mona Lisa - tiny in real life and surrounded by paparazzi tourists ;)

The next day we headed out to Versailles, the ridiculous palace of King Louis XIV.

The infamous hall of mirrors and the gardens below.

Little me showing how HUGE each of these doorways are ;)

The gardens seemed to stretch on forever, perhaps even more impressive than the Palace. Though we visited in March and it was gloomy with nothing in bloom, they were still quite the sight with a Grand Canal down the center!

the eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower!! Despite the gloomy day, it was absolutely exciting to see it in person and enjoy a yummy chocolate crepe while taking it all in. The color appeared more brown than I thought, and from underneath you can truly appreciate how gigantic it is :)

We waited in quite the lengthy slow line to check out the view from the second level of the Eiffel Tower. One of the lifts was broken so we could not make it to the top. Which was fine by me, as I do not appreciate heights so much. ;) But I did enjoy taking in/photographing the views of Paris . . in every direction!

Sushi is great in every city, I believe. We wandered the lamp light river walkways and bridges after a late dinner. I had a little fun with my camera capturing the city of light . . . late at night in the pitch dark!

The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees!

champs-elyseesthe thinker

The Rodin Museum . . . featuring The Thinker!

The Montmarte neighborhood . . . how "Paris" are those scenes?? ;)

Offering beautiful views from the highest point in Paris. And also random locals selling you Heinekens . . . perfect after the "hike" up the hill.

The sun was beginning to set on Paris and the Eiffel Tower . . . so we headed off to a long lazy patio dinner and returned for a couple late night photographs of the City of Light.

The Pantheon in Paris  . . . a cafe, some macaroons and our last views of Paris before continuing on our adventure.