life . . . [the latest in instagrams: summer so far]

Hello friends . . hope you are all enjoying the summer! I have been having more fun than ever with Instagram lately since it seems like every time you turn around there is another fun app to explore. Below are a few of my latest mini captures . . .

the details . . .

- new bangles that just arrived in the mail! Another Etsy purchase cute & customized :)

- my NEW AMAZING camera!!! After months on the waiting list for this new Nikon, I finally found one available on Amazon and ordered it right away. For now I am getting used to the new buttons and features  . . but cannot wait to put it use at some weddings!

- a beautiful field captured leaving last weekend’s wedding

- some summer beverages I picked up when it was about 105 degrees last week – yum

- our bikes hanging-out downtown while we took a quick break in the heat :)

- avocado! I LOVE a delicious fresh avocado with some tortilla chips!

- one of a set of vintage chairs I picked up  . . an excellent furniture find

- a lovely weeping willow, quite possibly my favorite type of tree :)

- loving photographing the sky lately, it’s ALWAYS different!

- a little collage of Lisbon Portugal photographs, constantly dreaming of travels past & future

- picked up some Bob Dylan tickets . . the hubby and I along with my parents will be going to the show in August!

- the colorful sky one evening, just right outside our front door :)

- okay . . had a little fun printing Instagram photos!! But it’s just so easy with the app PostalPix – just click and they arrive in the mail. Love.

- more sky while watching some softball

- a favorite new discovery . . (inspired by Pinterest) freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays to enjoy later with milk or a cold coffee beverage. Great idea and great for summer!

- the river in Chamberlain . . a beautiful wedding day!