Our little bug turned one last week! So I, of course, had to take some photos to mark the occasion. We had quite a bit of fun celebrating June's birthday, unfortunately perhaps even more than she did as she came down with a fever (more teeth perhaps?) during her birthday party Saturday. Poor girl . . . but she did enjoy the balloons we threw in her crib on her actual birthday, as well a left over cupcake a few days later. Even though she still didn't enjoy my party hats ;)

I always find it exciting to see how much babies and kids change in-between photo sessions as I am lucky to photograph families over time, or document little one's first years with multiple shoots. Living day by day with Junebug the changes are more gradual, but it is still CRAZY just how much they change in that first year of life. It truly is a year of evolution, for parents too :) This year has kept me very busy but have managed to pull out my 'big' camera at least once a month to document her growth (as well as daily snaps with the iPhone) and have some collages to put together to see those months side-by-side.

At one year, June is little miss independent and (still) loves exploring our house, feeding herself, turning the pages of her books, looking out the windows, chugging water, stacking toys, her stuffed animals, rearranging cabinets, and carrying random small objects (vanilla extract, travel toiletries, etc) around the house. She is not yet talking much, just a couple sounds that sound like 'Dadda' and 'hi', but she knows how to make her wishes known with lots of pointing, and has been walking since the beginning of December, so I feel like I have already been chasing a toddler for months! She is almost always in a good mood, enjoys everyone, is an excellent sleeper most days, although she is not much for snuggling . . . much too busy for that! A bit for the record books here, but hope you all enjoyed the photographs anyhow :)

The NeffsLauren Neff