She's three!


It's hard to believe we have a three year old, it's also hard to take a photo with a three year old (above ;) June's birthday was on the 12th but we celebrated a day early over Sunday brunch. "tea for three" with my family . . . we dubbed it after she requested a fancy tea party. Well, originally she asked for a fancy meal with a tablecloth and her family, later expanding her requests to "yogurt and nola" (yogurt, granola and fruit being her favorite food) and lastly claiming we should have a tea party. As you can see I rolled (or went overboard ;) with the idea!

First, I hit up Grandma Sue to borrow her tea cup collection . . . so many beautiful ones plus a gold tea pot (June drank lots of (hot) chocolate tea). Then, checked pinterest for ideas (of course) though all the tea party birthdays were quite elaborate (and pink ;) but I didn't really want to buy anything new. Anyhow, I still took away a couple great ideas - the donut cake, cupcakes inside the tea cups and rolling (my cloth) napkins into roses. Then, Matt and my dad blew up a bunch of balloons, my idea to form them into a three was laughable (it seemed) but the garland turned out very festive.

Queen for a day June enjoyed lots of sugar, her yogurt parfait, a quiche, happy birthday candles and a few gifts to celebrate her third birthday!

The NeffsLauren Neff